OnePlus Concept One disappearing camera

OnePlus Concept One With Disappering Camera

OnePlus is doing something new this year. OnePlus is unveiling a phone here at CES, but you’re not gonna be able to go and buy it. It’s just a concept phone. In fact, that’s what it’s called. The OnePlus Concept One.


CES 2020: Is Sony ‘Vision-S’ Potential Tesla Rival?

Sony, when everyone was awaiting the launch and details on PlayStation 5 (PS5), we just got the logo of it, and instead of diving into the details, we got a concept car from Sony, and yes it turned a lot of heads.

sonly creative entertainment company poster

CES 2020: Sony Highlights Its Evolution As A “Creative Entertainment Company”

Sony seeks to deliver products, content, and services that resonate with people and affect a positive impact on society, based on its Purpose.

Watoga Underground

Bethesda Shares Screenshots of Fallout 76’s Upcoming Watoga Underground, Double XP Weekend Incoming

Fallout 76, the latest installment of Bethesda in the series of post-apocalyptic role-playing games, will receive a strong update soon. The Wastelanders update was originally planned for launch in the fall of 2019 and pushed back to early 2020. In the form of human NPCs, the massive update will add new content, more items, activities, and locations.

Google News app

Google To Push Full Dark Theme & Thumbs Up And Down Feature For Google News

The news app from Google is a good one. It not only offers you a summary of the important things that are happening around, but it is also designed to be for YOU. So, if you’re the kind of person who loves tech-related news, then, for example, the app will promote news related to Google and Apple.


New Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 To Feature Super Fast Charging

We are hoping to see the new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 cell phone some time soon, we recently had a mystery of the gadget from Samsung and now we have some more data on the handset.


Raspberry Pi dashcam project

In the event that you extravagant structure your own one of a kind vehicle Raspberry Pi dashcam you might be keen on another task distributed to the site this week by the BnBe-Club.

AMD Renoir GPU specification

Upcoming AMD Mobile GPU Renoir Specifications And UserBench Leaked

An AMD GPU implied basically for high-end laptops has released on the web. The AMD Graphics Processing Unit, codenamed ‘Renoir’, has noteworthy determinations and highlights which should give an intense challenge to the similarly set choices offered by significant players in the versatile GPU fragment.

Samsung G9 curve

Samsung Has You Covered 5K At 240Hz With its Upcoming Gaming Monitor

Samsung is an ongoing participant in the gaming fringe showcase, having made its introduction with the 24-inch cfg70 144hz gaming screen just in 2016. In spite of the fact that Samsung and presentations are a characteristic fit and their gaming screen lineup did truly well with Samsung expanding their contributions as the years progressed.

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