linkedin notifications

How To Stop The LinkedIn Notification Mails in Your Inbox

LinkedIn is a very useful platform to connect to your past and present professional friends, colleagues. LinkedIn is also a platform to brag about and display your proficiency. The number of notification increase with the number of connections.


Get The Raw Source Code From JSFiddle In One Go

Any code we are looking for is generally divided into different sections depending on the funtionalities required like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Some advance codes may also include jQuery files as well. So at times it becomes a hectic process to take code snippets from here and there. Want to get the whole code in one go?? Here’s the Trick


Change The Default Homepage Of Your Browser Without Opening Settings

It is very easy to go to setting to change the default homepage for browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox or etc. But today I am going to tell you how to change the homepage of your browser without even touching the settings of your browser. Cool Right?

smart bluetooth padlock

How To Open Your Locked Bluetooth Padlock

Padlock is a gadget that claimed to help you resolve security problems. It is a type of Bluetooth lock, but can also be opened like any other normal lock. Today we are going to show you its yet another vulnerability as posted on Itstactical.


How To Clear Or Delete All Conversations In WhatsApp At Once

Here’s how you delete all of conversations in WhatsApp in one go without letting anyone sneak into your privacy.

console window in google developer tools

How To Add jQuery In Console Window Of Browser

This article will show you how to add jQuery in the console window of the browser. You will be able to execute or access any jQuery command or function to manipulate page content with jQuery once you add jQuery in the console window.

gifdeck home page

How To Convert Your SlideShare Into GIF

You can convert your slideshare into GIF image so that no one would alter it after downloading and use it claiming its own copy. Lets see how to Convert SlideShare Into GIF.


Lets Check How Much You Rely On Internet

This article will help you check your Internet usage per network connection basis including Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks.

What Is IP Address And How To Find It

“What is IP Address?” – To simply the explanation we can say that IP address is basically a address of the machine as same as address of a house in which you live. Actually IP address is abbreviation of “Internet Protocol Address”.

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