Get Inspired To Become A Coder When Young

If you’re one of those who loves coding and interested in geeky stuff, then this article will help you inspire become A YOUNG CODER.

Flappy Bird

RIP: 8 Tech Product We Lost In 2014

We’ve assembled the year’s most prominent terminations so you can grieve some more effectively and light an advanced fire in tribute to the absolute most darling tech items and administrations that are no more with us.

processor speed after turbo boost

How To Turbo Boost Intel Processor

Learn how you can turbo boost Intel processor and run HD games or power consuming software smoothly without slowing down other processes.

make money online easily

9 Best Ways To Make Money On The Internet Easily

Learn various ways to make money on the Internet easily. There are many opportunities to make money online, so start making extra bucks.

set price alerts on junglee

Set Price Alerts On Junglee To Get Alerts When Price Drops

It is very easy to set price alerts on Junglee to get email alerts when the price of items drops by 300 or more. In this tutorial you will learn how you can set price alerts on Junglee.

download image

List Of Websites To Download Free HD Images

The most important question which comes in everybody’s mind is that from where to download free HD images. Here in this article you will be find a list of websites to download free HD images easily.


Use TweetDesk And Search Operators To Search Better In Twitter

Use TweetDesk and search operators to remove ordinary tweets from the Twitter search result. TweetDesk is a very popular Twitter app.

find your first tweet page

Find Your First Tweet Using #FirstTweet Tool

First Tweet, a page developed by Twitter by which you can find your first tweet easily. It is damn easy to find your first tweet on Twitter using this page.

read receipts

Disable WhatsApp Blue Ticks for Read Messages

If you are from the ones who don’t want to let “Blue Ticks” seen to the sender, then you have landed at the right place. Just a few steps and you are out of this trouble forever.

Eifel tower in map

Send Fake Location To Any Website

Many sites these days ask for the permission to fetch our geo-location and at times also block users from some particular countries. Sending fake location to these websites is thus a rather useful trick.

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