Why Big Tech Wants You To Ditch Your Password

Why Big Tech Wants You To Ditch Your Password

Passwords are like the cockroaches of the internet. They really, despite all of our best efforts, are very hard to kill off. And companies have been trying to do it for years. The average office worker in the United States must keep track of between 20 to 40 different username and password combinations.

Find website visitors ip address

How To Find IP Address Of Your Website Visitor Using PHP

There are many websites which give the users to find their IP address. But still, it is a good and nerdy trick if you would add this feature in your website, it will make a good impression in your user’s mind.

Two Unsync clocks

Install And Configure NTP To Sync System Clock In CentOS/Linux

If you use vagrant with virtual box for you project then you might have come across system time sync issue. It happens when you have active system session and your host os either gets locked after time out or you lock it intentionally.

disable right click using javascript

Disable Right Click In Web Page Using JavaScript

To secure your images or text sometimes you may want to add some security terms which at least stop normal users to copy your content. It could not stop geeks from stealing your stuff but still, you can cover a wide spectrum of visitors who don’t know more than just right click and select either from “save as image” or “copy”.


How To Use VLC Media Player More As A Video Editor

If you are looking for a simple video editor, for cutting clips, then you might already have it on your PC right now. Yes, your VLC media player can also work as a Video Editor. Find out how inside the article.

Options in Office 365

Forward Office 365 Mails To GMail Or Other Mail Account

This article will help you to forward office 365 mails to Gmail or any other mail account.

bad ssl website

Check Your Browser Response To Various SSL Settings

So you want to check your browser response to different SSL settings? Either is the great, the terrible and the appalling? Here is a site that you can visit to test all of them:

learn vim online free

Learn Vim Online For Free

Here is a list of online tutorials and other supportive resources to help you learn Vim.

battery status of visitor's device

Best Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Gadget’s Batteries

What tips do companies like Dell, Apple and HP recommend for maximizing the lifespan of your mobile and laptop batteries?

battery status of visitor's device

Know The Battery Status Of People Who Visit Your Website

The code attached in this article will help you to get Battery status of people who visit your website.

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