Add An Avatar Beside Site Title In Genesis

Add An Avatar Beside Site Title In Genesis

Did you ever think to add an avatar beside site title for any Genesis child theme? If yes then you have come to the right article to learn how to do it easily.

Remove Any Class From WordPress Body And Post Classes

Remove Any Class From WordPress Body And Post Classes

This post will help you to learn how you can remove any class from WordPress Body And Post Classes that you don’t want any more from different files like template specific or functions file.

20 Best Free WordPress Blog Responsive Themes 2018

20 Best Free WordPress Blog Themes For 2018

If you are like me who gets very confused if many options are given to choose from, then don’t worry we have got you covered for such a situation. We have personally handpicked the top 20 Free WordPress Blog Themes (fully mobile responsive) that we think are best for your next awesome blog.


Show Previous/Next Article Link In Posts Without Plugin

Letting your users to navigate to previous/next articles will help in improving your bounce rate as the user will be tempted to read the previous or next article if the links are available.

clef plugin

Login Into WordPress Without Password Using Clef Plugin

To do the task you have to install the Clef plugin on your site and download the Clef application on your smartphone. The application is accessible for both iPhone and Android telephones.


Remove TremendousCoupon Or Other Adware

I assume that you already tried all the way to remove TremendousCoupon or other Adware from computer using normal methods like uninstalling miscellaneous software/extension from your computer and etc.


Add Beautiful Social Buttons To Your Website Without Plugins

How would people know what is the name of your Facebook ID/Page or what is your Twitter handle?? For this we recommend you add social buttons to your website (it can be in the sidebar/header/footer anywhere).

add wordpress post with php

How To Publish A Post In WordPress With PHP

Have you ever tried to publish a post in WordPress with PHP? If no then this post will teach you how to publish a post in WordPress using PHP.

report an error link text on TechMuzz post

Add A Fixed Message To All WordPress Posts

Sometimes we need to display a fixed message or warning message like the disclaimer at the end of each of your WordPress Posts.

open any website in new window

Open Any Website In New Window On Page Load

The code is given in this post to open any website in new window. Just insert it before tag.

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