center align taskbar icons

How To Align Pin Ups In Center Of Taskbar

Here’s a new trick to center align the pinned programs of your Taskbar. Lets see how to do it.


Hide Folder Content Using Command Prompt

We can not deny the fact that all of us have certain private folders hidden in our personal devices that means we all know how to hide folders the normal way. Why then use the command prompt (cmd)?

limited wifi problem

How To Resolve Limited WiFi Connection Problem

The steps given will help you solve the problem of limited Wifi Connection and believe me it could solve 80% of limited WiFi connection problems.

draw 3d shape

How To Draw 3D Figures In Microsoft Paint

We have drawn many things in paint but this trick will amaze you and I bet you have never thought of doing such things. Yes! I am talking about drawing 3D objectsmin paint. Sounds cool! Doesn’t it??

con folder error

How To Make CON Named Folder

Ever tried making a folder named “con”?? I guess you have already tried and thats why you are here.

adhoc nework

How To Create A Wireless Ad Hoc Network In Windows 8.1

In Windows 8.1, you will not find GUI settings for setting up a wireless ad hoc network as you see in Windows 7 but it is pretty easy to create it. If you were looking for setting up of router to share network without installing third-party software, then you are at right place. So let […]

Recycle Bin 1

How to Hide The Recycle Bin Icon from Desktop?

Learn how to hide Recycle Bin Icon in just 4 steps. You can use this trick to either clean up your desktop or even trick your friends.

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