Select WhatsApp Web

Now Use WhatsApp From Your Desktop Directly

The latest update from WhatsApp allows you to access your very own WhatsApp from the desktop via Google Chrome. Lets see how!!

cyberduck default editor

Change Default Editor In Cyberduck FTP Software

In this tutorial you will learn how to change the default editor in Cyberduck. It is a very easy task to change default editor in Cyberduck.

processor speed after turbo boost

How To Turbo Boost Intel Processor

Learn how you can turbo boost Intel processor and run HD games or power consuming software smoothly without slowing down other processes.

twitter website blocked by hosts file

Block Websites To Increase Your Productivity

In this tutorial you will learn how to block websites temporarily to increase your productivity and finish your tasks without any distractions.

multiple images

Resize Multiple Images In Just Few Seconds Using IrfanView

Now you can resize multiple images using one software called IrfanView. It is a very simple trick to save your time by executing only one command line.

hide files in image

Trick: Hide Files/Folders In An Image

Everyone knows how to unhide the hidden folders. So here’s a trick to hide your folders in/behind an image. No one would ever think in the weirdest of the imagination about files hidden behind images.

wifi password

How To Find Your Forgotten WiFi Password

The most important among all these password is the WiFi password of your home’s router. It happens often that you saved WiFi password and forgot it because you don’t have to reinsert every time.

windows 8 picture password

How To Set Or Change Picture Password In Windows 8

As Windows developers added Picture Password it made locking and securing our account easily and more efficiently as no one would identify what to do with the picture. This post tells you how to set or change Picture Password in windows 8 or 8.1.

windows right click context menu

How To Add Custom Program In Right Click Menu in Windows

Add a custom program to the right click menu of your desktop to access it easily , obviously in a cool and geeky way. 😉

open regedit in run

10 Must Know Windows 8 Shortcuts

Inspite of all its amazing features, Windows 8 may sometimes get annoying to find or do something. So just to ease up your tasks and make the experience with windows 8 more enjoyable, we bring to you 10 Must Know Windows 8 Shortcuts.

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