stop windows to upgrade itself to windows 10

Stop Windows To Upgrade Itself To Windows 10

Never 10, a new and free app that stop Windows to upgrade itself to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8.1.


Use Dark Theme In Windows 10

This article will help you to how to find, activate and use Dark Them in Windows 10. The Dark Theme in Windows 10 will look like the image attached below.


Fix All Folders That Became Shortcuts In USB Drive

In this tutorial you will learn how to convert or fix all folders that became shortcuts in USB drive using Command Prompt in Windows with just one command. Its really very easy to do in just few seconds.

convert all the short cut files to original folder in usb drive

Launch Or Start Website From Command Prompt (CMD)

This tutorial will teach you how to launch or start website from command prompt (CMD) in Windows by just one command.

Flash Player Enabled In Tor Browser

Enable Flash Player In Tor Browser

Here in this tutorial you will learn how to Enable the Flash Player in your Tor Browser.

unhide hidden folders and find AppData folder

How to Navigate To AppData Folder In Windows 8

The AppData folder contains app settings, files, and data specific to the apps on your PC. The folder is hidden by default in File Explorer. So here is the way to reach AppData Folder easily.


Upload WhatsApp Images To Dropbox Automatically

If you receive many WhatsApp images in a day and you have to transfer all those images to your Computer for further process then this article will teach you, how to automatize this task.

install bluestacks

How To Install And Root Any BlueStacks Version

In this article you will learn how to root any BlueStacks Version easily.

navigate to Programs and feature page in control panel

How To Uninstall BlueStacks Completely

This article will show you how can you uninstall BlueStacks completely from your computer with very few quick steps. It doesn’t matter for what reason you want to uninstall BlueStacks completely from your computer, either to reinstall it or get rid of the software at all. Just keep reading and your problem will be resolved soon.

Windows Store

Download “Pending” Apps From Windows Store

Have you had ever faced such situation where you want to download an App from Windows store, but it won’t start downloading and show Pending status only?

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