Blur my background in Skype video call

How to Hide Background During Skype Video Calls

This article is helpful for those individuals who don’t like to share their personal space with others while talking on the video call. It can also help to those whose receive a Skype video call invitation without any notice and their surrounding is a mess.

Add An Avatar Beside Site Title In Genesis

How To Add Someone to Your YouTube Channel

This articles will explain how you can easily add, remove or edit a manager to your YouTube channel. Please make sure that you have owner level permission to the YouTube channel before you start performating each setps mentioend in this articles because without it you won’t be able to complete this task.

show original gmail message

Help Find Your Email Message In Recipient’s Gmail

Let’s assume that you have sent an important email to someone but it is lost in the pile of emails that the person gets every day. There are many ways to find Email messages in Gmail with filters and search operators.

stop ad blockers

Simple Way To Block AdBlocker For WordPress Without Plugin

We all want to earn a few bucks from our blogs as side hussle but we can’t because of this evil AdBlockers. We are not against AdBlockers in general, we think AdBlockers are great tools for sites where admins just bombard visitors with popups and flying ads on the screen.  But for good sites that want to earn some income by showing few ads on the page without spoiling the user experience shouldn’t be targeted by AdBlockers.

open regedit in run

Top 100 Windows Run Commands For Daily Use

This article contains a bunch of very important Windows Run commands that can ease your life. We know that remembering all of them won’t be easy but don’t worry we have published this article for that only so that you can visit it whenever you need it.


The 10 Important URLs That Every Google User Should Know

What does Google know about the places you’ve visited recently? What are your interests as determined by Google? Where does Google keep a list of every word that you’ve ever typed in the search box? Where can you get a list of Google ads that were of interest to you?


What Is A Chromebook?

A laptop that specifically designed from hardware & software perspective to work while it is connected to the Internet to access and use the online resources with a very cheap price tag on it. This concludes that it would not have more onboard storage. They were like normal Windows PC and Macbooks but with different OS, Google’s Chrome OS.

click on extension

Make Simple Chrome Extension In Few Steps

This article will show you how you can make simple Chrome Extension in few steps easily. You can build as complex extension as possible but this is a bare bone of any extension you find on Chrome extension store. for reference:

Link Author Avatar To Respective Archive Page

Link Author Avatar To Respective Archive Page

This code enables you to produce the writer’s avatar and link it into the author’s archive page or elsewhere you desire. Here is what the code produces when used from the Genesis Sample child theme by StudioPress.

Add Specific Message Box After Header

Add Specific Message Box After Header

This code allows one to bring a message such as archives after the header on all pages and posts using a default for most single pages.

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