lol backtrack spell in action

League Of Legends Backtrack Summoner Spell

BackTrack as initially announced as a shield and dash summoner spell that was specifically designed for Murder Bridge 2019. This article will help you to use League Of legends Backtrack summoner spell in your favor with some information about the spell in general.

akali and akali league of legends

Get Your League Of Legends S Rank Today

League of Legends is a competitive online game where everyone has to make a big contribution to help their squad come out on top. The amount of commitment that each player requires to display in each game is what helps the League of Legends and other MOBA games stand out from the audience.

windows 10 startup folder

Access And Update The Windows 10 Startup Folder

This article will help you to find and update the Windows 10 Startup Folder. If you don’t know then the Startup folder is responsible for the order of the apps that start automatically when you log in to your computer. If you use your Computer for very specific tasks then you must want your computer to start some apps that you need every single time to save some of your time.


Set Up And Use Miracast On Windows 10

This article will show you how to set up and use Miracast on Windows 10 to mirror or cast your computer screen to another screen which could be TV/Projector wirelessly.


How to Open a Link in Popup Window in WordPress

When we talk about WordPress, it simply doesn’t allow to make hyperlinks open up in Popup using Inline Scripting. Lets see How to Open a Link in Popup Window in WordPress.

autoplay embedded video

Autoplay Embedded YouTube Video On Page Load

Learn to auto play an embedded YouTube video in just 2 steps. Learn, implement and amaze your visitors.


Connect Raspberry Pi To WiFi Via The Command Line

Using Ethernet cable to connect with Internet is too old fashion and do not provide mobility so the best option we have is to connect Raspberry Pi To WiFi network.

youtube playlist without logging in

How to Make a YouTube Playlist without Signing In

How would you share a collection of YouTube videos in an email newsletter or on the social networking. The best alternative is that you create YouTube playlist, include all the videos and afterward share the link (URL) of the playlist.

Clear the clipboard on mac or windows

How to Clear Clipboard On Mac Or Windows PC

We know that you don’t care about what is currently in your clipboard right at this moment, but your computer does and it keeps data in its memory till you overwrite with new data which consumes some part of the RAM.

Speed up your internet speed with

How To Speed Up Your Internet Speed With

As you have might already read somewhere online that everybody is so excited about this new IP address It is also known as DNS (Domain Name System). This articles will help you to understand what it is and why it is beneficial for you to speed up your internet speed.

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