blank comment in facebook

How To Write A Blank Comment In Facebook

We all are desperate to see how many likes or comments we get on any Facebook status or post we share. But have you ever thought of leaving a Blank comment ? It’s a very simple trick which will amaze almost everyone.

draw 3d shape

How To Draw 3D Figures In Microsoft Paint

We have drawn many things in paint but this trick will amaze you and I bet you have never thought of doing such things. Yes! I am talking about drawing 3D objectsmin paint. Sounds cool! Doesn’t it??

con folder error

How To Make CON Named Folder

Ever tried making a folder named “con”?? I guess you have already tried and thats why you are here.

facebook visits

Check Who Visits your Facebook Profile the Most

We all love spending time on Facebook and at time also Sneaking into others timelines and profiles as well. But ever thought of checking out who visits your profile the most? Who is the person wanting to know what you do? Lets find out..

facebook visits

How To Accept All Facebook Friend Request At Once

Accepting 5-10 requests is fine but what do you do when you have 99+ friend requests pending and you don’t want to manually accept all of them by clicking one at a time. Well here’s a perfect guide to Accept all the Friend Requests in one go. Lets see how!!

remove category 3

How To Exclude a Category From Homepage

It’s obvious that we all have selected different themes for our website or blogs and all these themes have default settings to show certain categories on homepage. Most of the themes we came across displayed the recent articles from all the categories.

find my phone

8 Awesome Apps Your Android Device Must Have

As Google becomes the “Most Valuable Brand” rising from “the search engine” to a verb we use everyday; it should not be forgotten that this journey would have not been that simpler without “the Android OS”. Yes the same Android which has given the power of smartphones to all classes of people.

adhoc nework

How To Create A Wireless Ad Hoc Network In Windows 8.1

In Windows 8.1, you will not find GUI settings for setting up a wireless ad hoc network as you see in Windows 7 but it is pretty easy to create it. If you were looking for setting up of router to share network without installing third-party software, then you are at right place. So let […]

Recycle Bin 1

How to Hide The Recycle Bin Icon from Desktop?

Learn how to hide Recycle Bin Icon in just 4 steps. You can use this trick to either clean up your desktop or even trick your friends.

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