Flash Player Enabled In Tor Browser

Enable Flash Player In Tor Browser

Here in this tutorial you will learn how to Enable the Flash Player in your Tor Browser.

sign out from iTunes in mac

Create Apple ID Without Credit Card In iTunes

Create Apple ID Without Credit Card In iTunes, Yeah you read it right!!!, now created Apple ID without Credit card.

tweetmymac remote control your mac

Use TweetMyMac To Control Your Mac Remotely

Learn how to control your Mac remotely by commanding it with just a tweet on your twitter account. TweetMyMac is very useful app to control your Mac.

keyboard preferences

Switch Functionality Of Function Keys In Mac

After reading this article you can swap the functionality of function keys in Mac. After changing the setting you can use function keys without pressing fn key.

flashlight app weather demo

Flashlight App Lets You Search In Google From SpotLight Search

Flashlight App Lets You Search In Google From SpotLight Search of your Mac. Apart from this, it also has some super cool plugins that would make your Mac experience to Cloud 9. Lets check them out!!

allow unidentified developers application

Use Applications Developed By Unidentified Developers In Mac

Installation of non official apps developed by unidentified developers is not as same as normal apps found on App Store. Lets see how these applications are installed in Mac.

bluestack to application window

How To Download And Install BlueStack In Mac

To use android apps in your Mac you need to install BlueStacks. After installing BlueStacks on your Mac you can easily install your favourite Android app and use it as you do in your Android phone.

QuickTime in Spotlight Search

How To Record Your Screen With QuickTime In MAC

MAC has a default app which lets you record MAC screen with high resolution and gives you many more features to record your screen. Lets see how!!

fontbook in spotlight search

8 Ways to Speed Up Mac Startup Time

I bet your Mac does not boot up as quickly as the day you used it for the first time. Find out how to reduce the startup time in this article.


How To Restore Default Factory Settings In MacBook Pro

When you buy a second hand MacBook Pro or have made such alteration in your MacBook’s factory settings that it has stopped working properly and now you want to restore settings with which you bought your MacBook Pro then you are at right place to learn the trick.

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