Clear the clipboard on mac or windows

How to Clear Clipboard On Mac Or Windows PC

We know that you don’t care about what is currently in your clipboard right at this moment, but your computer does and it keeps data in its memory till you overwrite with new data which consumes some part of the RAM.

search feature in spotify api swift 3 app xcode

Part 4: Add Search Bar To Swift JSON Parser App

After implementation of part 3 of this series, we will add a search bar in this Swift JSON parser app to allow the user to search for the tracks that they like to play. This article will be shorter than other articles in this series of app development.

audio player with swfit 3 xcode

Part 3: Play 30 Second Track Preview

Hi there, I hope you must be liking this series because you have complete 2 part already and wants to do the 3rd one :). Here in this article, you will learn how you can fetch a URL from JSON response from Spotify Web API and play the audio from it using AVFoundation in Xcode with Swift 3.

track detail view xcode

Part 2: Add Image and Detail Album View Controller

Let’s go ahead and improve our JSON Parser Xcode project and add some more features to it. This article will teach you how to grab image URL and show it into the view controller and open a segue view controller if the user clicks on one of the cells in the table view.

spotify json parser final screenshot

Parse JSON Using Swift 3 And Load Data In Table View

Today we will look into one aspect of AlmoFire, that is to make a GET method to grab data from the Spotify API and parse the response with Swift 3. In this tutorial to make it bit cleaner we’re just going to be grabbing the titles coming from Spotify.

Rename computer alias in Mac Terminal

Change Or Update Computer Name In macOS Terminal

This article will help you to update the name that shows up in your macOS terminal to whatever you like. You could have your own reasons to update it but just to let you know that it is not a big task anyway.

cocoapods install error EPERM

Install CocoaPods In Mac With EPERM Operation Not Permitted Error

Hi there, you might have started reading this article because you were trying to install cocoapods for the first time in your Mac system or installing pods after updating the Podfile for your Xcode project. But the issue is that it is not allowing you to install the package and keeps on giving you EPERM error, isn’t it?

Merge pop up box in macOS

Merge Items Of Two Folders In macOS

Want to Merge items of two folders in macOS without copying files and delete folder afterwards? This is the right place to get information for you. Is pretty easy but with one little bit trick.

select files in preview in mac

Make PDF File From Multiple Images In Mac OSX

Sometimes we need to make PDF file from multiple images in Mac or Macbook. It is pretty simple trick to make PDF file from multiple images and this article will help you to do so.

RAM in Macbook pro

Change RAM In Macbook Pro In Few Steps

I recently upgraded my laptop’s RAM from 4GB to 8GB. If you also want to change the RAM but don’t want to give extra $50-$100 to technician to do it for you, then this is the right place where you will learn how to change it all by yourself.

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