Remove TremendousCoupon Or Other Adware

I assume that you already tried all the way to remove TremendousCoupon or other Adware from computer using normal methods like uninstalling miscellaneous software/extension from your computer and etc.


Display Flickr Picture On Chrome New Tab Page With The Flickr Extension

Flickr has released their official new tab page extension for Chrome. I think that’ll I need to let you know apart from the download link. Since every one of you know at this point what this new Flickr Extension is going to do.

keyboard shortcuts

Best Keyboard Shortcuts To Effectively Use Chrome Native PDF Reader

If you use Google Chrome for daily browsing sometimes it’s native PDF reader to read PDF files easily, then you must have to know this set of keyboard shortcuts.

add custom search engine in chrome browser

Search Your Bookmarks Directly From Chrome Addressbar

Have you ever tried to search your bookmarks? I think you have that’s why you are reading this article.


How To Factory Reset A Chromebook

How do you factory reset a Chromebook? It is easy. As easy as it can get. A keyboard shortcut. Yes you heard right. It is very easy and if you don’t know how to do that then read further and learn.


Remove Password From PDF Files With Google Chrome

Since the Google Drive is now secured with 2 layers of security – password and 2-variable verification – it ought to be OK if we remove password from PDF documents before transferring them to Drive.

traffic of a specific page will be displayed

Track Traffic Of A Specific Page In The Google Analytics

In this tutorial you will learn how to track traffic of a specific page of your website in Google analytics.

chrome desktop notification

Turn Desktop Notifications On Or Off In Chrome

There are many websites on the internet that contains a desktop notification feature.


Add A Background Image To Google Inbox Using This Extension

If you need to add some color to your Inbox, you can download Background for Inbox by Devan H. Furthermore, include a custom color and a background image to the Inbox.

youtube to google drive

Save All YouTube Videos To Google Drive

In this tutorial you will learn how you can easily transfer all your YouTube videos to Google Drive with just few clicks.

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