YakYak Google Hangouts Client

Best Alternative To Google Hangouts Desktop App

YakYak is the best alternative to Google Hangouts Desktop App. It allows you many features mentioned in this post and it is built for MacOs, Windows, Linux too. If you are a developer then you can also contribute to its new features because it is an open source project hosted in Github.

Hangout On Air Page

How to Record your Desktop Screen with YouTube

If you are YouTuber or know enough about how to record videos for your channel or personal requirements then I am sure you might know many screencasting software to choose from for the cause. But this article is mainly focussed on the YouTube feature that you might have ignored or didn’t know about it at all.

Google Sendor Icon Use

See The Company Information In Gmail Inbox

If you are not using any filter or extension in Gmail inbox then your inbox might be showing you the sender’s name listed with rows that contain sender’s information like name, subject and date of the message. The default filter in the Gmail inbox is to show you the last received mail first in the list.

how to create ePUB eBook with google docs

Create eBooks With Google Docs

This article will show you that how you can easily create eBooks with Google Docs in few seconds only. It is very easy tricks, only matter of few steps. To create

Steve Jobs Stay Hungry Stay foolish video subtitles download

Download YouTube Video Subtitles Free Online

In this article I will show you how you can download YouTube Video Subtitles(Subs) free online within few steps. As we all know that there many sites to download youtube videos, as same as that there are many sites which will allow you to download YouTube  video subtitles free without installing any kind of extension or software.

Track traffic of multiple pages in google analytics

Track Traffic Of Multiple Pages In The Google Analytics

Lets learn how can we Track Traffic Of Multiple Pages In The Google Analytics.


How To Add Same Files In Different Folders Without Copying In Google Drive

Learn how to add the same file in multiple folders of Google Drive so that it does not occupy extra space for the same duplicate file/content.

step 3 fill the details in the form

Create Multiple YouTube Channels With Same Email Address

This tutorial will help you to make multiple YouTube channels with same email address in few steps only.


Add Fancy Formatting To Your Tweets

After you install this, you will see a Bedazzle button for forming tweets on Click the symbol To Add Fancy Formatting options this extension has to offer.

my little password chrome application

Create Password Protected Zip Files Using “My Little Password” In Chromebook

Meet the latest Chrome application developed by François Beaufort, named “My Little Password”, using this app you can create password protected Zip files in Chrome OS.

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