How to Delete Photos From Facebook – Saves 60% Of Your Time

Deleting multiple photos from our Facebook account can get really time consuming if we want to delete a lot of them at once, but do not worry as we have a quick fix for you. Find out inside the article!

unlike all facebook pages at once

How To Unlike All Facebook Pages At Once

Follow the steps given in this article to unlike all Facebook pages at once for all.

find video id of video on facebook

Download Video On Facebook In Just Three Steps

Here, in this tutorial you will learn how to download video on Facebook in just a matter or few seconds. It is actually a very easy trick.


Increase Facebook Likes For Your Photos And Videos

Here, in this post you will find basic but the most important criteria to take care while posting on Facebook to increase Facebook likes.

facebook logged in sessions

How To Log Out From Any Facebook Session Remotely

These days we login into innumerable sites using our Facebook login ID, this login is called “Remote Login”. Usually, none of us care to sign out of these sites and our Facebook session remains ON for these sites which is quite dangerous for both our social identity and Privacy. Lets see how to logout from these sites.

share thank video

How To Make Say Thanks Video In Facebook

Say Thanks, a tool lets users to Say Thanks to their friends by sharing a personalized video.This tutorial is to give you some information about like how to create a “Say Thank” video and share with your friends. This is a very simple tutorial. You need to select only some photos of you and your friend for whom you are making the video and then press the Share button.

Restricted list in facebook

How To Add Facebook Friend Into Restricted List

Facebook made new feature so we can now accept any friend request, but list them in one list called “Restricted list”, which not allow persons in the list to see all our data. They can only see the data which are public.

unfriend in facebook

How To Unfriend 1000+ Friends In Facebook Easily

Find out how to unfriend multiple friends in Facebook with easy steps in this article.

first name only in facebook

How To Remove Your Last Name From Facebook Profile

Have you ever tried to remove your last name from your Facebook profile? If yes, then you might have failed because Facebook doesn’t allow every one to remove their last names. But what if you need to remove your last name even though Facebook is restricting to do that.


How To Delete All Facebook Messages At One Click

Its fun to chat while surfing on social media, but at times you might want to delete the messages in case you are doing things you shouldn’t be doing or you just thought of cleaning up your Facebook profile.

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