Improve FPS And Response Time In Rocket League

Rocket League is a fun game to play but you can Improve FPS and Response time in the game even further, which will eventually help you to beat your competitors while giving the best fun experience with these easy but optimal settings in a matter of seconds. After applying such settings you will experience the game even more.

Steam screenshot manager empty

Find Steam Screenshot Folder

Everybody knows that the real fun in playing games is to taking screenshots of special moments and sharing it afterward with friends. So in this article, we will have listed some of the best ways to find Steam Screenshot Folder that has all screenshots you have already taken while playing your favorite games like PUBG, Fortnite, etc. on Steam.

delete badoo account

Delete Badoo Account Completely

Badoo is one of the largest social discovery networks in the world. But that doesn’t mean that it will help each every one of us, to find what we are looking, right? This article will show you how you can delete Badoo account completely by following step by step instructions for different platforms like Website, Android or iOS app.

Add Any Background Image in Chrome Tab (No Extension)

Learn how to add background image to Chrome or change background of Chrome tab after recent updates without extensions.

PPSSPP Tekken 6 Download

PPSSPP Tekken 6 Free Download

This article will show you how and where you can find PPSSPP Tekken 6 Download links. We won’t hold much by explaining much about the game except you want to learn more about it. Just open the link and your game download process will start instantly.

divi theme information video

How To Buy Divi Theme

This article is all about the Divi theme only. What Divi theme is and how it can help you to design your Wordpress site like you wanted and how can you buy Divi theme right now and start designing your WordPress website instantly. The steps of buying the Divi theme is identical to the steps for purchasing anything online but we thought to publish this post with all the resources and links so that you don’t have to hunt the information on Google any further.


What Is install.res.1028.dll And Its Solution

install.res.1028.dll is one of the files that gets created when Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable package gets installed in the operating system. The install.res.1028.dll can be found in the root directory of the storage drive. There are different packages like VCRedist_x86.exe, VCRedist_x64.exe, VCRedist_ia64.exe for Visual Studio 2008 that could create install.res.1028.dll.

The Complete Guide To Windows Command Prompt

Command Prompt is a very important application for the Windows Operating system. This article will teach you everything about command prompt in the Windows, what it is and how to use it. This article will not show you what commands you can execute in the Command Prompt. But it will teach you what are different ways you can open a command prompt and some of the best shortcuts for it.

enable caps lock

2 Easy Ways to Turn On/Off Caps Lock On Chromebook

Find the simplest solution on how to turn on caps lock key on Chromebook, or if it is already on, then how to turn off the caps lock inside this article.

best iptv links

Best Free IPTV Links Playlists And How To Watch Live TV Anywhere

Get latest updated Free IPTV links and watch your IPTV channels for no cost. This article will also show you how can you use this IPTV links to watch free TV channels on your computer or other devices.

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