make money online easily

7 Creative Ways To Make Money Through Internet

Everyone likes to have something extra that they can use to get something that they like, for some, it is not materialistic and for other it is should be a physical thing.


Add Speech Recognition To Any Input Box In Your Website

This article will help you to add speech recognition to any input box in your website. It could be a text box to text area in the form of your website.

fonts combinations

Best Ways To Select Google Fonts Combinations

This article will help you to learn different ways to choose from Google Fonts Directory. In this article you will find best website or tools you can check and follow the type masters recommendations to select most elegant and gorgeous Google Fonts combinations for your next projects.


Add Beautiful Social Buttons To Your Website Without Plugins

How would people know what is the name of your Facebook ID/Page or what is your Twitter handle?? For this we recommend you add social buttons to your website (it can be in the sidebar/header/footer anywhere).

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